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Lothian Buses

A unified transport network gives its citizens cutting edge mobile Internet. Lothian Buses teams up with Government initiative to take the city into the future.


The Challenge

  • Update the city's transport network in conjunction with the "Super-Connected Cities" initiative.
  • Improve the passenger experience.
  • Lead the way in UK transport.

Scale: 700+ buses,
27 trams

Delivery: 4 months
(4G upgrade)


The Solution

  • High-speed connectivity for passengers.
  • Easy to integrate with future technology.
  • Additional applications supported.

Services Delivered

Passenger Wi-Fi

Safety & Security

Passenger Infotainment


The Results

  • Passengers receive vital connectivity on their journeys.
  • Solution covers other applications to improve operational efficiency.
  • Edinburgh receives the benefits of full cross-city transport Wi-Fi.

What the Customer Says:

“Icomera is a well-established provider of innovative and reliable Wi-Fi solutions with a reputation that sits well with Transport for Edinburgh’s vision for a quality 21st century passenger experience”.

Ian Craig,
Transport for Edinburgh

What We Say:

“Transport for Edinburgh is an excellent example of a city investing in its transport network to provide a top quality experience to passengers. By deciding to upgrade their system, they have shown that they value not only innovation, information and safety, but also the needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on Transport for Edinburgh vehicles everyday.”

Dave Palmer,
Senior VP Sales and Business Development,

Chris Chinnapan

Technical Sales Manager

Chris Chinnapan
+44 (0)791 962 0948