Within the rail industry, Icomera TraXside™ is a key component in delivering the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity, helping erase any “not spots” in connectivity by providing continuous, high-capacity bandwidth to a train along the entirety of its route.

The Challenge

Rail passengers and onboard systems increasingly expect and rely on fast, uninterrupted Internet connectivity for the duration of the train journey.

Business travellers wanting to use video-conferencing, leisure passengers wanting to stream their favourite TV and films, and security applications streaming live HD video surveillance images to central operation centres are just some of the use-cases behind the need to deliver more bandwidth to the connected rail vehicle than ever before.

While the coverage and capacity provided by cellular networks are gradually improving, their network roll-outs are unlikely to meet the demand for the true “Gigabit Train” (a vehicle with a 1 Gbps or better connection to the Internet.)

Next-Generation Technology, Delivering the True Gigabit Train

Icomera TraXside™ is a dedicated radio and fiber network which delivers gigabit-speed wireless connectivity along the entire route. The TraXside solution leverages Icomera’s purpose-designed onboard platform to ensure that all of the capacity delivered to the train is used to its fullest potential.

Icomera TraXside™ can deliver a consistent throughput of over one gigabit per second to the train, at every stage of the journey – a benchmark referred to in the public transport industry as the ‘Gigabit Train’. This connectivity is then delivered to onboard systems, Passenger Wi-Fi etc., via the vehicle’s onboard network.

For context, the provision of ‘gigabit’ speeds is equivalent to passengers streaming over 10,000 songs or 200 HD films, concurrently. This connectivity is also necessary for the reliable use of demanding data-intensive applications, for example, live-streamed digital video surveillance and video-conferencing applications used by passengers.

Icomera’s modular, technologically-flexible approach allows its mobile Internet connectivity solutions to seamlessly integrate and aggregate the capacity of all available communication networks in parallel, offering maximum coverage and capacity. 3G, LTE, LTE-A, 5G, TraXside and even satellite networks can all be utilised as parts of a single solution.

  • Infill cellular “not-spots” over- and underground, in tunnels, stations and depots
  • Reduce mobile data costs along the busiest areas of the rail network
  • Seamless hand-over between Icomera TraXside™ and cellular networks

Icomera delivers Internet connectivity for millions of passengers and thousands of vehicles every day. The Icomera TraXside™ solution includes Icomera’s remote central configuration, reporting, and monitoring tools for robust and best-in-class asset management.

How does TraXside work?

Icomera TraXside™ base stations consist of radio units and antennas directed along the track. These base stations are affixed to existing wayside infrastructure such as GSM-R masts, or onto dedicated masts/poles.TraXside base stations send and receive data to and from the TraXside units on the train using the latest 802.11 Wi-Fi standards.

No handover delay or packet loss is experienced since the train is connected to at least one channel at all times, and often two. This means that the transition between signal sources will be seamless.

As a leading network integrator, Icomera manages the TraXside™ delivery, from the planning phase through to installation, optimisation, maintenance, and ongoing support. This includes a holistic framework of radio planning & design, cost analysis, zoning & construction, expert hardware installation, integration & testing, training, commissioning, and optimisation, monitoring tools, and support.

The Connected Journey

Icomera believes in a better future powered by a Connected Journey: A revolution in transport powered by high-performance wireless Internet and a range of services that run seamlessly through this connectivity.

The Icomera Way

The Icomera Way is what we do and how we do it. It’s what makes us different and gives us our competitive edge. The Icomera Way is based on three elements that combine to deliver the best platform, best connection and best solution on the market. It is this base that allows us to deliver The Connected Journey.


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