Icomera is the trusted provider of mobile Internet connectivity for some of the world’s most iconic high-speed rail fleets, including Deutsche Bahn’s ICE (Intercity-Express) trains in Germany, Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa trains in Italy, and the Thalys fleet in France.

Having led the development of connectivity solutions for the railway sector for more than 20 years, and with services deployed on tens of thousands of vehicles, we know exactly what it takes to provide the best possible connectivity for passengers, while allowing train operators to work with ever greater efficiency, and better safety and security standards.

5G-Enabled Connectivity for Passengers and Onboard Systems

Specifically designed for use on public transport, Icomera’s proprietary technology SureWANTM aggregates the capacity of 4G, 5G, trackside and satellite networks to deliver the fastest, most stable, and reliable connection to a moving vehicle, even in regions in which there is sparse network coverage.

This enables passengers to enjoy the best online experience, and onboard systems to transmit data back to base in real-time.

Leveraging Icomera’s Centralised Connectivity Platform

Icomera’s X5-based hardware solution connects passengers and train systems to the centralized onboard network.

In real-world testing, the X5 successfully achieved industry-record performance levels, surpassing the benchmark known in the public transportation industry as “the Gigabit Train.” For context, the provision of ‘gigabit’ speeds is equivalent to passengers streaming more than 10,000 songs or 200 HD movies simultaneously.

The X5 reduces the need for additional equipment such as media servers or video recorders, simplifying the installation process and minimizing the space required on board. By providing the strongest connectivity, processing power, and storage, the Icomera X5 allows high-speed rail operators to deploy multiple resource-intensive applications as part of a single solution; these applications range from Passenger Wi-Fi, infotainment and entertainment, to system monitoring and real-time video surveillance.

Revolutionising the Digital Experience for High-Speed Rail Passengers

Improving the passenger experience is a vital way in which to encourage more people to travel by high-speed rail. Passenger Wi-Fi has evolved from a luxury consideration to an essential service, and we’ve continued to lead the field, constantly innovating to ensure that journeys can become ever more productive and enjoyable.

Beyond Passenger Wi-Fi, Icomera’s Real-Time Information solution keeps passengers informed with live arrival and departure times, as well as multi-modal onward journey options.

Once a vehicle is on the move, it’s possible to send passengers push notifications relating to their journey or regarding scheduled engineering works, for example.

Finally, Icomera is leading the way in delivering successful Onboard Entertainment, allowing passengers to watch Hollywood movies and popular TV shows, play games, read bestselling eBooks, digital newspapers, and magazines, and listen to audiobooks and other spoken-word content. The media is stored locally on board the vehicle, helping improve the speed of access, while also reducing mobile data usage costs.

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