Improving Safety & Security

Safety is the number one priority for transport authorities and operators. Icomera and its application partners are driving the shift from forensic to real-time safety and security solutions, protecting passengers, staff and assets.

Together we use the vehicle’s Internet connection to help public transport operators respond to or pre-emptively resolve a wide-range of onboard incidents including:

  • Disorderly behaviour
  • Theft
  • Vandalism & graffiti
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Global security threats

Icomera easily integrates with transport operators’ third-party surveillance hardware and supports virtual safety and security applications with its open application platform and high-performance Internet connectivity.

Streaming high-quality images and data from onboard surveillance systems in real-time leads to faster, more appropriate responses to incidents. Supported applications include:

  • Audio analytics
  • Facial recognition
  • Passenger counting
  • Staff panic buttons
  • CCTV health monitoring


Why Icomera?

Icomera is the global leader in wireless connectivity solutions for transport. We believe in a better future powered by a Connected Journey. The Connected Journey is delivered by our unique system, that ensures high-performance Internet capability and is the backbone for our range of innovative connectivity solutions.

For over two decades, we’ve been delivering reliable, high-speed solutions across the globe. We work in partnership with operators to deliver solutions that match their needs, then install the hardware and maintain it to ensure effective long-term performance. Our experience has helped us to become the world leader and means we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that help us avoid the common pitfalls of mobile connectivity.

The Connected Journey

Icomera believes in a better future powered by a Connected Journey. A revolution in transport, powered by high-performance wireless Internet and a range of services that run seamlessly through this connectivity.

The Icomera Way

The Icomera Way is what we do and how we do it. It’s what makes us different and gives us our competitive edge. The Icomera Way is based on three elements that combine to deliver the best platform, best connection and best solution on the market. It is this foundation that allows us to deliver The Connected Journey.


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