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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

At Icomera, we design and engineer our own systems. We build our own hardware, write our own software and only use industry-leading partners. We do this to ensure we can deliver reliable, consistent solutions that deliver outstanding performance with the best connection. Icomera have been developing, extending and improving on this technology since 1999.

Our genuine passion for science and technology means we have strong working relationships with leading telecommunications industry figures and academics, and when vehicle manufacturers and operators seek advice on advances in technology, our Head of Innovation puts on his lab coat and shows them the data. These relationships allow our customers to take advantage of new mobile telecommunication technologies at the earliest opportunity.


What does this mean to the buyer?

Constant Innovation

For 18 years, we have been at the forefront of Internet connectivity solutions for transport. In that time, we have developed a lot of knowledge and expertise on what works in the industry, and what doesn’t.

From the outset, we have designed and built our own hardware and software systems. We engineer them in Sweden using the most up-to-date technology, market-leading components and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

All our hardware is robust, durable and provides a long service life. We rigorously test all our hardware to withstand the harshest environments, from humid and dusty deserts, to cold and icy tundra.

All our software and software technology has been written from the ground up. This means you get a stable, smooth, intuitive experience at the cutting edge. Our software is purpose-built and designed to integrate easily with pre-existing systems. It is simple to set up and easy to use.

In our 18 years of leading the way, we have created several patented and proprietary technologies and algorithms to ensure the service we deliver is state of the art. These are being continually updated as part of our commitment to innovation.

We choose to build our own hardware and software so that we can deliver a superior level of performance.

Every 3rd party component and accessory provider we use is hand picked because they are best at what they do. We also independently test all components and accessories to ensure they provide outstanding performance in their field.

Our recommended service life is between 6-8 years. Some companies will say their products last longer, but in reality if a system is in service for longer than that, then it is good practice to reassess the relevancy of the original solution’s technology.