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Commercial Alliance

Commercial Alliance

Our experienced expert advisors help you get a solution that is right for your needs and help you build a solid business case. Throughout the buying process, the installation and over the entirety of a solution’s service life, we provide market leading support to ensure you receive the best solution.

We can point to our track record of commercially successful solutions and provide you with the customer case studies.

We can demonstrate how our products will work to generate benefits that offset the cost of deploying the technology.

Once our solution has been installed, we will also provide you with a suite of powerful, web-based, real-time reporting and optimization tools, allowing you to track the commercial performance of our solution and justify your investment.


What does this mean to the buyer?

Expert Advisors
Strategic Guidance
Long-term Support
Upfront Pricing

We don’t just give you a price and sell you a box. From initial contact, we work together with you to help build a business case and find a tailored solution that fits your needs. We have a reputation for honesty and we are committed to that. If the solution we have isn’t right for your needs, we will tell you and offer you advice on products that might be better suited.

We are the pioneers of wireless connectivity technology with unparalleled operational experience. We know more about it than anybody else and have pioneered and patented some of the key underlying technologies.

Our experience means we not only understand the technology and solutions, but we also understand the needs, fears and challenges facing transport operators and their procurement teams. We are on hand to guide you through the process and can give you solutions that we know can deliver business-case certainty.

We understand that your customers and their devices require reliable, uninterrupted Internet connectivity. Experience has taught us about the issues you are likely to encounter. We can advise you here, and pre-emptively neutralise many of these before they arise.

If technology procurement is not your traditional area of expertise, we can walk you through the process and make sure you get the right solution. If other members of your team have different worries, we are happy to meet with them and put them at ease.

Although our products are reliable, we know that things can sometimes go wrong and when they do, you need can-do people who know how to solve problems. That’s why we have a dedicated team of skilled technicians on standby to ensure both our customers and customers’ passengers get quick, correct assistance when they need it.

We have a hard earned reputation for commercial transparency and a range of long-term partners and providers who are the result of this. We price our solutions upfront; there are no hidden costs or surprise charges, because this is how we think business should be done. The solution you buy will cost what it is expected to cost, it will deliver what it is expected to deliver and it will do so from day one and every day after, for a long time – around 8 years on average.