Icomera and ENGIE to Exhibit at APTA TRANSform Conference 2019

With the emergence of smart cities, IoT and 5G technologies, the importance of reliable, secure, real-time onboard communications for public transportation vehicles is ever increasing. Multiple systems can usually mean multiple pieces of hardware and software, resulting in often redundant, unnecessary infrastructure investments and significant amounts of backend data.

Simplifying connectivity into a centralized platform can eliminate the need for numerous systems, in addition to offering the convenience, efficiency, and security of an all-in-one solution capable of providing passenger-centric services, such as onboard Wi-Fi and entertainment, in parallel with mission-critical applications such as video monitoring, vehicle condition monitoring, and fleet management.

Providing a seamless, reliable solution for real-time data access increases operational efficiency, improves safety, and enhances the passenger experience, all while reducing costs and opening previously unrealized revenue streams.

Icomera and Navineo have joined forces to deliver a powerful technology platform for mass transit. Supporting system communications and an unparalleled range of applications, including Icomera’s industry-leading wireless Internet connectivity and Navineo advanced CAD/AVL, this unique collaboration promotes a new world of mobility that is safer, with more appealing public transport.

For North American-based operators wishing to find out how they can benefit from ENGIE’s solutions, visit booth 39 on the 7th floor at the TRANSform Conference in New York City, October 13th – 16th 2019. For those interested in booking meetings with Icomera at the show, please contact Gabriel Lopez-Bernal. For those interested in booking meetings with Navineo, please contact Kilian Ollivier.