Innovative, AI-enhanced passenger counting solutions can help operators maintain a clear overview of key metrics such as carriage load and can be used to assist passengers in finding a free seat or quiet carriage.

Technology has advanced to the stage where one system can often perform the functions of two or more systems. As a case in point, nowadays there is really no need to have a separate digital video surveillance and traditional sensor-based Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system installed on vehicles; with today’s advanced analytics capabilities, surveillance systems can exceed APC systems in both function and accuracy.

Using AI video analytics, Icomera is developing an innovative prototype passenger counting solution which connects to existing video surveillance cameras installed on vehicles to capture, analyse, and report occupancy data in real-time.

Icomera's APC software allows operators to accurately track occupancy levels in real-time

For transport operators, understanding passenger travel patterns and volumetrics is vital for helping to ensure compliance with safety measures, as well as to manage timetabling and fleet planning. The ability to effectively gauge vehicle occupancy levels also makes it easier for passengers to choose less crowded environments to travel in, ensuring that they are safely socially distanced throughout their journey.

Analytics information collected from the onboard video feeds is broken down into metadata and then fed back to the software integrated into an operator’s back-office system. Passengers’ privacy is protected, since all data collected by the system is fully anonymized, and footage is not recorded or stored.

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