Delivering exceptional speed, storage, and performance for both passenger-focused and operational services, Icomera’s ruggedised mobile connectivity and applications routers usher in a new era of cutting-edge connected applications. 

High-Performance Aggregated Connectivity: Cellular, Satellite, Trackside 

Icomera’s onboard routers utilise SureWAN, Icomera’s industry-leading connectivity technology protocol for intelligently aggregating multiple communication technologies (5G, 4G, satellite, trackside networks etc.) in parallel, to ensure the fastest, most reliable connection available to a moving vehicle. Supported by ICONIC, Icomera’s robust and scalable cloud-based management software, transport operators are empowered to monitor their solution and make best use of all available Internet bandwidth.  

Powerful Application Hosting

Icomera’s centralised connectivity solution allows multiple, resource-intensive applications to be deployed simultaneously from a single piece of hardware. Often, this minimises the need for separate boxes to be installed to deliver different services (passenger Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, digital video surveillance etc.); rather, multiple systems can reside on Icomera’s mobile connectivity and applications routers as software-defined solutions. 

Reducing the onboard equipment footprint in this way offers several important benefits… 

  • Faster Deployment: Often project delays are due to system integration; a centralised connectivity solution removes this barrier to deployment. 
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: With less onboard hardware to manage, operators save on labour costs associated with preventive maintenance measures. 
  • Straightforward Updates: A centralised platform allows for easy upgrades to existing systems; often, this can be as simple as a new software deployment. 
  • Easy Technology Refreshes: When onboard equipment reaches the end of its useful service life, operators have less hardware to replace. 

Reliable, Ruggedised & Secure 

Specially built for the ruggedised conditions that transport applications require, Icomera routers deliver long-term performance and reliability. What’s more, they are designed with security front-of-mind with features including Secure Boot, encrypted OS storage, built-in firewalls, WPA3 encryption, and the ability to deploy over-the-air security patches. 

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