Our Transport Accessibility solutions help passengers who need assistance while on the go. Delivering timely, accurate information to passengers via their smartphone, our services help those with hearing and sight loss to travel with confidence, allowing us to build transport systems which can be enjoyed by all.

Assistance for the Visually Impaired

Passengers with visual impairments can be guided via instructions provided via their smartphone. For example, a passenger’s phone can visually direct them to their platform and on to their vehicle. Once on board, a passenger’s phone can display estimated arrival times for their journey and inform them once they reach their destination. The solution is fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards and supports voice-over functionality.


Assistance for the Hearing Impaired

Passengers with hearing difficulties can be fed announcements via their smartphone while they travel – These updates can be delivered either as voice announcements, or as text / push notifications. The solution saves passengers the effort of deciphering announcements made over a vehicle’s PA system. Furthermore, it negates the need for hearing loops to be installed at stations or on vehicles, reducing operational costs and making it far easier for passengers to receive the information that they require right away.

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