By providing real-time information via mobile web portals or in-vehicle screens, we can keep passengers updated with live arrival and departure times, as well as informed of multi-modal onward journey options.

Frictionless Updates on the Current Journey

When planning their trip, passengers expect real-time access to journey updates and to be kept informed on vehicle occupancy levels; this provides certainty and helps minimise the time spent waiting in a public space for a suitable service. The ability to make passengers aware of any issues gives them a degree of control and reassurance; though never good news, if passengers know why delays occur, they are more likely to be understanding.


Easy Access to Live Onward Journey Options

By tapping on their stop via the portal, passengers can view live departures by rail, bus, tram, plane, or metro. Making this type of information easily accessible for travellers reduces the reliance on staff to handle enquiries, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role. It’s also possible for those travelling to book taxis, or to find out about local events and attractions.


Passenger Notification Services

Integrating with a client’s control centre, we can send messages directly to passengers travelling on a particular service. Pre-boarding messages can be sent to selected customers offering them discounted beverages or the opportunity to upgrade to first-class; these bonuses can either be charged or offered as a ‘surprise and delight’ treat.

Once a vehicle is on the move, it’s possible to send passengers push notifications relating to their journey or regarding scheduled engineering works, for example. When delays occur, operators can turn a negative experience into a positive one by providing passengers with coupons for complimentary snacks, free movies for those stuck on a broken-down vehicle, or an automatic refund to passengers before they even leave the vehicle.

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