We have over two decades of experience in the field of transport connectivity, and a wide range of clients who can vouch for our professionalism and dedication to providing an unrivalled level of service.

Find out more about some of our successful projects by reading the case studies below…

Northern: Connected Video- and AI-Based Technologies

As one of the UK’s most innovative and forward-thinking rail operators, Northern’s ‘Digital Train’ programme aims to test, develop, and deploy the latest technologies which improve the passenger experience, enhance operational efficiency and assure safety and security. Through their long-standing collaborative partnership, Northern and Icomera have tested exciting new innovations such as a new Digital Video Management System (VMS), and AI video analytics.

A Northern Class 769 train
A photo of a Northern train at a station. IcoShape, Icomera's data traffic management solution, was successfully deployed for the UK rail operator

Northern: IcoShape

Icomera demonstrated the powerful capabilities of IcoShape, its data traffic management tool, as part of a deployment for UK rail operator Northern. As a result of IcoShape’s roll-out, Northern has achieved an average 20% reduction in its data consumption, while improving the overall passenger experience for its Wi-Fi users.

Network Rail: Visual Inspection Unit Conversion Project

DG8, Icomera’s dedicated design and engineering division, delivered a turnkey solution for Network Rail as part of a project to convert two British Rail Class 153 “Sprinters” into Visual Inspection Units (VIUs). In its role as lead supplier, DG8 oversaw the installation design and engineering, approvals (RIS-2700-RST), material supply and installation work.

Photo of generator installed by DG8 as part of Network Rail's Class 153 Visual Inspection Unit Conversion Project
Title Picture- Flytoget


Flytoget has leveraged the power of Icomera’s wireless Internet connectivity & applications hosting platform to deliver a leading customer experience and transform its trains into some of the “world’s largest moving IoT devices”. Flytoget’s passengers benefit from a comfortable journey with high-speed, high-availability Wi-Fi for the duration of their trip. Icomera connectivity also provides benefits to Flytoget, through real-time device health alerts, passenger occupancy status, and proactive network monitoring & support.

West Midlands 5G

Icomera collaborated with West Midlands 5G (WM5G) to help deliver the UK’s first 5G-enabled tram. Beyond supporting 5G connectivity, the project involved innovative trials of Icomera solutions including live video surveillance, real-time passenger feedback, and transport accessibility.

Northern-Rail-PR-Photo 4

Northern: The Digital Train

Hosting a suite of business-critical passenger, operational, safety and security applications, Icomera deployed a best-in-class example of the digital train for Northern. From the initial system design, through to the commissioning process, to providing ongoing remote and onsite support, Icomera continues to play a pivotal role in the project.

Deutsche Bahn

The relationship between Icomera and Deutsche Bahn (DB) is one of trust which has built over several years. Deutsche Bahn trains were first equipped with Icomera Passenger Wi-Fi in 2016, and new trains are installed with Icomera equipment every week. Up to 500,000 passengers connect to Icomera Wi-Fi daily across Germany.

DB Case Study Header New 2
Photo of a blue SWR train on a platform with SWR logo visible

Software-Based AI Video Analytics Trial

Icomera combined its technology and expertise with Glimpse Analytics and South Western Railway (SWR) to trial an advanced, software-based AI video analytics solution to monitor train occupancy levels in real-time. SWR has offered its passengers a way to travel safely and confidently post-pandemic by leveraging the power of Icomera’s X-Series wireless Internet connectivity & applications hosting platform & Glimpse Analytics’ advanced CCTV analytics software.

Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET)

Through its partnership with Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET), Icomera delivers reliable, high-performance connectivity for Rotterdam’s entire transport network. The multimodal solution is installed on all of RET’s trams, metro trains, buses, and its high-speed ferry, providing connectivity for onboard systems and maintenance services, as well as Passenger Wi-Fi for RET’s passengers to work and play as they travel.

ret 1


Icomera has worked together with Greyhound over the course of a decade, becoming a key partner in the transport operator’s wider digital strategy. Taking advantage of Icomera’s powerful wireless Internet connectivity platform, Greyhound has laid the foundations for a fully realized “digital coach”, capable of supporting a wide range of Internet-enabled applications as part of a single solution.

Lothian Buses

As part of a Government initiative to take the city of Edinburgh into the future, Lothian buses teamed up with Icomera to give passengers using the city’s unified public transport network cutting-edge Internet connectivity while on the move.

Lothian Airlink
Gult landskap


An early adopter proving that onboard Wi-Fi is a ‘win-win situation’ for both the operator and the passenger. Nearly two decades of innovation, offering more to passengers and making the case for investing in connectivity.


Icomera puts Olive’s connectivity needs at the heart of the solution to transform and revolutionize healthcare systems. Leveraging Icomera’s powerful platform for reliable, wireless connectivity for engaging onboard interactions.