Icomera puts Olive’s connectivity needs at the heart of the solution to transform and revolutionize healthcare systems.

Leveraging Icomera’s powerful platform for reliable, wireless connectivity for engaging onboard interactions.

About Olive

Olive states that its AI workforce is built to “fix America’s broken healthcare system” by addressing its most burdensome issues — delivering hospitals and health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs and increased capacity. Olive says people feel lost in the system today and healthcare employees are essentially working in the dark due to outdated technology that creates a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is designed to drive connections, shining a new light on the broken healthcare processes that stand between providers delivering patient care and payers. It uses AI to reveal life-changing insights that make healthcare more efficient, affordable and effective. Olive’s mission is to unleash a trillion dollars of hidden potential within healthcare by connecting its disconnected systems. Olive is improving healthcare operations today, so everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow.

The Challenge

When Olive’s coach, Go1, was ready to hit the road in early 2021, Olive’s employees had been working from home, and traditional business travel and in-person meetings had slowed significantly. But they still wanted to utilize Go1 productively and safely. Their in-house chef, who used to cook lunch for the team every day, had pivoted to donate the meals to local Columbus, Ohio communities in need, which was a huge success, and an effort that Olive was seeking to broaden. The team identified Go1 as the perfect tool to expand their footprint and give back to communities across the country. They sent their chef on the road to help coordinate the delivery of free meals to frontline workers at health systems from coast to coast. When on-site at the Go1 stops, hundreds of free meals are distributed, and folks often stop by Go1 to learn about Olive’s vision of creating the Internet of Healthcare. It is critical that the Go1 experience reflected Olive’s commitment to transforming healthcare through innovative technology.

The Solution

Icomera’s X³ Advanced Gateway provides Olive with a reliable, secure, and second-to-none connection to deliver unparalleled levels of efficiency aboard Go1. This installation marks Olive’s first mobile support center, with its first stop in Baltimore, Maryland.

The X³ enables a high-quality, operator experience to display real-time data visualization, videos, and live conferencing — all which support the Olive team’s conversations with Go1 visitors.

Onboard connectivity for Olive’s Go1 Coach began in February 2021.

The Partners

Together with MRA, an industry leader in mobile experiences, Go1 allowed for immersive, onboard interfaces for a high-touch user experience. MRA builds live experiential events by engaging the target audience and stimulating the human senses with brand messaging in a controlled, safe environment. The Icomera X³ Advanced Gateway powers the onboard immersive experiences aboard Go1.

The Results

At Icomera, we partner to provide optimal results for all industries – institutional, transportation, and now healthcare. By partnering with Olive, we are supporting a seamless onboard experience with our technology so that teams can operate productively wherever Go1 takes them.

What Olive Says:

“When we decided to build Go1, we wanted to ensure that our users had the best experience possible. Connectivity was a key component of this design, allowing not only Olive’s technology to be on display, but to ensure that Go1 could be used in versatile ways. Go1 is Olive’s mobile experience and Icomera and MRA have been critical to the execution of this vision.” 

Michael Burnett, Executive Vice President, Global Expansion at ‎Olive