At Icomera, we work in partnership with our clients, listening to your needs and advising you on the best solution that fits your requirements, with room to grow in future. We are with you through the installation process and over the entirety of a solution’s service life.

Mobile Internet Connectivity and Applications Hosting

Icomera delivers the fastest, most reliable and most secure Internet connection available to a moving vehicle; providing a real-time Internet connection allows for a whole host of virtualised applications to be deployed.

Increase Passenger Satisfaction

Digitalisation is having a significant impact on the way that we travel. As expectations continue to rise, so does the demand for operators to provide exciting new services for their passengers, such as onboard Wi-Fi, entertainment options and real-time information.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Our platform delivers the connectivity required to provide real-time access to operational data feeds from multiple devices and systems installed on board vehicles. Operators can intelligently use these feeds to derive considerable operational, passenger and safety benefits.

Protect People and Assets

Icomera and our application partners are driving the shift from forensic to real-time safety and security solutions, protecting passengers, staff and assets. We use the vehicle’s Internet connection to help public operators respond to or pre-emptively resolve a wide-range of incidents.

Professional Services, Software and Support

Our unrivalled industry experience has taught us what issues clients are likely to encounter as they progress along their digital roadmap. The Icomera Management Suite puts you in control of your installed base of Icomera solutions, while our field engineering teams and Network Operations Centre (NOC) provide unparalleled ongoing support.

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