Our onboard entertainment portal, GoView, delivers an industry-leading experience. Passengers can watch Hollywood movies and popular TV shows, play games, read bestselling eBooks, digital newspapers and magazines, and listen to audiobooks and other spoken-word content.

With entertainment services successfully deployed globally on road and rail, Icomera and its wholly owned subsidiary GoMedia are uniquely positioned to deliver innovative, tailored solutions for operators looking to launch onboard entertainment for their fleet.

GoView provides a wide range of content including movies, TV shows, eBooks, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, games and music, and can be supplemented with additional solutions including passenger Wi-Fi and real-time information. Whether it’s through offering movies or box sets, news, sport or weather, we create the right mix of high-quality content to reflect your brand and meet your passengers’ needs.

Entertainment content is hosted on Icomera’s on-board equipment, seamlessly updated and delivered directly to passengers’ devices. This means there’s no need for travellers to download an app, and no need for operators to install or maintain seat-back screens. What’s more, the content is accessible even when there is no Internet connectivity to the vehicle, providing a fully reliable solution across all routes. 

In short, Icomera provides everything you need to deploy and support your onboard entertainment system. 

How GoView Works…

Unrivalled Content Partnerships: With many years’ experience in broadcasting, GoMedia has access to the widest range of content from the leading rights owners across the globe. Taking advantage of this wealth of expertise, we build content packages tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Delivered Direct to Smart Devices: A huge bonus of GoView is that all entertainment content can be streamed directly through a web browser on a passenger’s own smart device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – This means there’s no need for passengers to download an app, and no requirement for operators to install or maintain seat-back screens.

Offline Content Delivery: Specifically designed for the transport industry, our studio-approved Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution allows content to be accessed by passengers, even in periods where there is no connectivity to the vehicle. This “content-first” flow is critical for operators whose vehicles travel through geographical areas where connectivity is an issue (e.g., tunnels or remote rural environments). In short, passengers can watch great content on their smart devices, even if there is no external connectivity available to the vehicle.

Remote Content Updates: An entertainment service can only be successful if its content is kept up to date, otherwise regular passengers will quickly become bored. GoView content updates can be deployed remotely with no need for visits to vehicles.

Smart Delivery: From using depot and station Wi-Fi, to LTE, ethernet and more, content can be synced in a variety of different ways. System rules can be put in place to meet individual operator requirements; for example, content syncing can be programmed not to happen during peak hours if operators prefer to assign the entire data capacity to passengers during these periods.

Bespoke Content and Interface Design: News and weather clips can be sourced from reputable broadcasters and updated in near real-time during the day. It’s even possible to offer client-produced or sourced content via the GoView platform. Each portal is custom branded according to a client’s guidelines, can be translated into multiple languages, and can feature banner advertising and pre rolls before the content.

Data-Driven Analytics: Analytics can be used to curate and improve the user experience. By analysing usage data, it’s possible to see what types of content passengers are looking at and use this to further optimise the travel experience. A tourist on a longer journey may well be more interested in streaming media content, while a business traveller on a short morning commute may be more likely to want quick access to up-to-the-minute news, for example.

Award-Winning Passenger Entertainment

GoView has received several awards for it’s user-friendly interface, reliable content delivery, and fully customisable design. Here are a few of them:

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