Icomera’s Network Insights and Control (ICONIC) cloud-based software tools have been specially developed for monitoring, managing and optimising your connectivity solution.

Monitor, Analyse & Report on Performance

Through its intuitive, easy-to-navigate and customisable web interface, ICONIC allows users to quickly view key metrics, or drill-down into the wealth of data on an account, fleet and system level in order to make granular statistical analyses. Operators can track vehicles in a fleet in real-time, and inspect a wide range of data relating to the quality of connection, data consumption, system and hardware performance along a vehicle’s route.

Investigate & Resolve Issues

Using machine learning technology to automatically raise alerts, ICONIC allows for deep-level real-time and historical data analysis of an onboard network, systems and hardware, regardless of a fleet’s size. Taking advantage of this wealth of data, operators are well placed to detect, triage, and fix issues when they occur, and to intelligently predict potential issues before they have any detrimental impact, helping maintain an “always online” experience for passengers.


Remote Fleet Configuration & Management

All Icomera devices (e.g. mobile connectivity and applications routers, SynAPse AP01 access points, TraXsideTM units) which have been installed onboard a vehicle can be remotely configured using ICONIC. Users can organise their fleet into consists of vehicles, grouped together by either headcode or GPS. Devices set-up within ICONIC can also automatically detect and download new configuration settings and security patches over-the-air as soon as updates become available.


Secure, Resilient & Scalable Data Storage

All data collected by ICONIC is stored using Icomera’s powerful cloud-based system which offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Secure: All ICONIC data is backed-up and stored in more than one server location, providing clients with the peace of mind that their data is kept safe and secure
  • High-performance: Fully responsive, our cloud-based storage facilitates the fast and efficient transfer of data to and from ICONIC’s tools, allowing operators to access information as quickly as possible
  • Robust: The system can manage and withstand high volumes of traffic, delivering a solution which operators can always rely on
  • Scalable: The system has been built to be both scalable and future-proof; as with ICONIC itself, the storage system is upgraded continuously as technology and industry demands develo

Award-Winning Design

ICONIC has been awarded the distinguished Red Dot Design Award for its intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and highly customisable interface, designed and developed from the ground up to proactively optimise Internet connectivity and network performance for millions of passengers and tens of thousands of onboard systems on a daily basis.

The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious German award which has become established around the world as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for design excellence.

IcoShape: Data Traffic Management

From digital video surveillance to remote condition monitoring (RCM), more business-critical onboard systems are leveraging Internet connectivity than ever before. In addition, more passengers are connecting to onboard Wi-Fi services, with those travelling expecting to remain productive and entertained throughout their journeys. As a result of this growing consumption of wireless data, transport operators face an ever-expanding challenge in managing their overall data usage and the associated costs, while supplying an onboard experience to match expectations.

Icomera’s data traffic flow management tool, IcoShape, has been designed to reduce the impact of heavy bandwidth usage in this new data-centric normal. IcoShape empowers transport operators to utilise their available bandwidth more efficiently by categorising and then prioritising / throttling and / or blocking links as desired, ensuring that data from operational-focused systems is distributed in good time, at a low cost, and without noticeably impacting performance for other systems or passengers.


An animation showing a stream of uncategorised traffic passing into the IcoShape filter from the left. IcoShape then categorises the data. On the right, a prioritised traffic stream, throttled traffic stream, and then blocked traffic stream then appear

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