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About Icomera

At Icomera, we connect over 5,000 trains and 26,000 buses and coaches worldwide, making us the global leader in mobile connectivity for public transport.

We believe in a better future powered by a Connected Journey – A digital revolution in transport powered by high-performance wireless Internet connectivity and a range of solutions that run seamlessly through this connectivity.

With The Connected Journey, we are making public transport more attractive for passengers and part of a smarter, greener future for everyone.

Our Solutions

Icomera’s award-winning multi-modal technology is seamlessly deployable across trains, trams, coaches, buses and ferries.

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system, our powerful connectivity platform supports the widest variety of value-adding applications; from industry-leading Passenger Wi-Fi and infotainment, to remote vehicle monitoring and streaming video surveillance.

Passenger Wi-Fi

Connecting your passengers to their work and social networks, when they are on the move

Passenger Infotainment

Keeping your passengers entertained with access to a variety of media applications

Real-Time Information

Making your passengers’ journeys smarter with useful real-time travel information

Vehicle Connectivity

Unrivalled connected capacity for your passengers and support for your onboard systems

Fleet Management

Keeping accurate track of your vehicles and improving their operational performance

Eco Driving

Reducing your fuel and maintenance costs and minimising your fleet’s carbon footprint


Remotely monitoring, configuring, and maintaining the condition of your onboard network

Safety & Security

Improving the physical safety and cybersecurity of your passengers, staff and assets in transit

The Icomera Way

Successfully delivering The Connected Journey relies on three vital elements – Our people, our platform and our scale.

The Three Elements


At Icomera, we pride ourselves on having the best people. Our expert advisors will be on your side from the very beginning, taking the time to properly understand the needs of your organisation to create a bespoke solution that is fit for purpose now and in the years to come. We build a team around your team, taking care of everything from planning and design to installation and continuous support.


At the core of every Icomera solution is our 5G technology platform, which utilises all available communications networks to deliver the fastest, most reliable connection. Integrating cutting-edge hardware designed and built by us to the very highest specifications, Icomera’s secure platform exceeds ISO 27001 standards, providing peace of mind for passengers and operators.


With over 20 years’ experience pioneering mobile connectivity, we know what it takes and have the scale to build a solution that works in every situation. We are part of the ENGIE group, with the reach to operate locally in territories around the globe. We believe that being on the ground alongside our client’s teams, wherever they are, is vital to successfully delivering a first-class solution.

Spotlight on Security

While the move the industry is making towards connected, digital systems brings a vast range of benefits, it also imposes a greater need for transport operators to adequately safeguard systems. The increase in online attacks against businesses, institutions and infrastructure means it is paramount to ensure personal and company data is protected.

As the global leader in providing wireless connectivity solutions for transport, Icomera is one of the first in the industry to achieve ISO 27001 certification for information security management. Watch our short film on cybersecurity below.

Icomera Clients

Over the last 19 years, Icomera has worked with many operators across rail, road & sea across the globe. This is a selection of them:

First Group
Lothian Buses
Deutsche Bahn
Transport For Greater Manchester
Siemens CVC