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The Connected Journey

Icomera believes in a better future powered by a Connected Journey – A revolution in transport powered by high-performance wireless Internet and a range of services that run seamlessly through this connectivity.

As the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety, Icomera’s award-winning products are deployed on rail, road and sea, serving millions of Wi-Fi users across the globe.

Icomera Services

We deliver a wide range of services across various packages, tailored to meet operators’ needs in our signature style: The Icomera Way. We work with a range of partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are robust and designed to work over the long-term.

Passenger Wi-Fi

Connecting your passengers to their work and social networks, when they are on the move

Passenger Infotainment

Keeping your passengers entertained with access to a variety of media applications

Real-Time Information

Making your passengers’ journeys smarter with useful real-time travel information

Vehicle Connectivity

Unrivalled connected capacity for your passengers and support for your onboard systems

Fleet Management

Keeping accurate track of your vehicles and improving their operational performance

Eco Driving

Reducing your fuel and maintenance costs and minimising your fleet’s carbon footprint


Remotely monitoring, configuring, and maintaining the condition of your onboard network

Safety & Security

Improving the physical safety and cybersecurity of your passengers, staff and assets in transit

Spotlight on Security

While the move the industry is making towards connected, digital systems brings a vast range of benefits, it also imposes a greater need for transport operators to adequately safeguard systems. The increase in online attacks against businesses, institutions and infrastructure means it is paramount to ensure personal and company data is protected.

As the global leader in providing wireless connectivity solutions for transport, Icomera is one of the first in the industry to achieve ISO 27001 certification for information security management. Watch our short film on cybersecurity below.

The Icomera Way

The Icomera Way is what we do and how we do it. It’s what makes us different and gives us our competitive edge. The Icomera Way is based on Three Pillars that combine to deliver the best platform, best connection and best solution on the market. It is this foundation that allows us to deliver The Connected Journey.

The Three Pillars of The Icomera Way

The Icomera Way consists of three pillars: Advanced Technology, Modular Platform and Commercial Alliance. Together they guide us and help us to deliver reliable, high-performance Internet connections and solutions for moving vehicles.

At Icomera, we design and engineer our own systems. We build our own hardware, write our own software and only work with industry-leading partners. We do this to ensure we can deliver reliable, consistent solutions that deliver outstanding performance with the best connection.

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Our solutions run on an Open System. We build the hardware with Open Architecture principles and we write our software to Open Platform standards. This is the best platform on the market and allows our services to be flexible and upgradeable which increases the lifespan of our solutions.

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Our experienced expert advisors help you get a solution that is right for your needs and help you build a solid business case. Throughout the buying process, the installation and over the entirety of a solution’s service life, we provide market-leading support to ensure you receive the best solution.

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Icomera Clients

Over the last 18 years, Icomera has worked with many operators across rail, road & sea across the globe. This is a selection of them:

First Group
Lothian Buses
Chiltern Railways
Transport For Greater Manchester
Customer 01
Siemens CVC