Utilising Icomera’s technology, operators can leverage a vehicle’s onboard Internet connectivity as a backbone for high-resolution digital video surveillance systems and video management software, providing a powerful and fully realised security solution.

As with many other sectors, the public transport industry has undergone a major shift from analogue to networked hardware platforms, with surveillance systems being no exception. Transport operators looking to remain competitive within a highly dynamic industry are making the transition to Internet Protocol (IP) based video sensors. With the shift to networked hardware platforms, there also comes a demand for increased bandwidth, processing power, and storage, across numerous linked devices and applications.

Icomera’s digitally enhanced video surveillance solution enables transport operators to meet these demands first-hand, even as they continue to grow. Deploying digital video surveillance on vehicles serves as a proactive deterrent, a means of enacting faster, more appropriate situational responses, and an effective post-hoc investigative tool, leading to a safer, more secure journey for passengers.


Real-time Video Offload

Icomera’s video surveillance solution allows high-definition footage to be streamed or retrieved remotely in real-time, no matter where a vehicle is located. In the event of an incident, live footage allows the operator to make a fast and appropriate response, and for normal service to be resumed as quickly as possible.

Passengers in danger of personal harm or theft will find little comfort in knowing that video footage is recorded for use in court, if nobody can actively intervene to prevent the risk in the first place. In cases of terrorism or violent crime, remedial actions may be considered by the public to be ‘too little, too late’, whereas the presence of preventative measures, and systems which allow operators and their security personnel to better manage emergencies in real-time, decreases the danger perceived by the public, building confidence in the transport network and its ability to protect its passengers.


Forensic Data Storage

Despite the advantages of real-time video offload, the collection of forensic evidence is still a vital component in any surveillance system; however, if the images retained do not meet the evidential standard required for prosecution, the solution is rendered ineffective. This is where high resolution digital footage makes all the difference, especially when combined with powerful compression technology and extensive storage capabilities.

Forensic data can be analysed to ascertain how and why exactly an incident occurred (even when that incident is still be in progress). Video analytics can be used retrospectively to identify distracted drivers and / or the passengers travelling in a vehicle, and relay that information back to an operations centre, without the need for the video stream to be monitored manually or to be streaming data constantly off the vehicle.

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