The new Bayliss commuter coach service from Deal to London, via Canterbury is up and running.

The service claims it will save commuters up to 50% compared to the train.

Managing director Alistair Bayliss said: “Those with rail season tickets, we’d like them to consider us when their rail ticket expires.”

Commuters can buy daily, weekly, monthly or annual tickets.

An annual ticket to London Bridge costs £3,100, compared to £5,012 by non high-speed train.

Travellers are guaranteed a seat, complimentary Wi-Fi and tea and coffee during their journey.

Commuter Chris Day, from Sandwich, said: “If I had any doubts, they were dispelled from the moment that I was picked up, precisely on time.

“It was just as fast as the train, with no Tube to contend with and, more importantly, in comfort. People actually waved at the coach, thinking it might be carrying celebs what with its spaciousness and tinted windows!

“The journey home was every bit as good as I dozed in my reclining, leather seat and for the first time in years arrived home refreshed and rested.”

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