Deutsche Bahn Launches a New High-Speed Passenger Wi-Fi Pilot

Deutsche Bahn has launched a new pilot Wi-Fi service on a train along its Munich S-Bahn route. This unique project allows passengers to enjoy free onboard Wi-Fi with unlimited data and session duration allowances. Additionally, those onboard can experience high-speed browsing at more than 100 Mbps.

Deutsche Bahn launched the trial looking for new, measurable ways to improve the passenger experience, and would like to assess how passengers enjoy and respond to such an onboard Wi-Fi service. Heiko Büttner, CEO of S-Bahn Munich said “We wanted to test this pilot project to see how Wi-Fi works in the day-to-day operation of the S-Bahn and how customers benefit from this service.” Users have been invited to feedback on their experiences and Deutsche Bahn are planning to evaluate the results at the end of the trial period.

Article Photo Credit: Deutsche Bahn