Four Ways Icomera SureWAN 4.0 Raises the Connectivity Benchmark

Since its invention, we’ve continuously improved upon Icomera’s core proprietary technology, SureWANTM, evolving the way in which the aggregation protocol works to not only meet but exceed new connectivity demands. SureWAN 4.0, the latest iteration of the technology, brings several optimisations over previous generations which further enhance how the algorithm functions to increase both efficiency and overall system performance.

So, what makes SureWAN 4.0 the best, most advanced iteration of SureWAN yet, and what real-world benefits does its expanded feature-set bring?

Let’s look at four notable aspects of SureWAN 4.0, examining how its advantages set new standards for transport operators striving to deliver best-in-class connectivity for their passengers and onboard systems…

1: Faster Speeds for Turbo-charged Connectivity

SureWAN 4.0 supports multi-Gbit/s speeds by increasing throughput, lowering latency, and reducing data packet loss.

  • Increased throughput means that more data can be transferred within a given amount of time.
  • Lower latency means that there is a reduction in the time it takes for a data transfer to complete.
  • Reduced data packet loss means that fewer data packets need to be re-sent.

Therefore, SureWAN 4.0 blows away previous generations of the technology in terms of the bandwidth that it supports. Passengers using Passenger Wi-Fi for services such as Internet browsing, VOIP and video conferencing calls can benefit from a “snappier” user experience, while the connectivity for Internet-enabled onboard systems such as Digital Video Surveillance and Automatic Passenger Counting is faster and more reliable than ever before.


2: Unleashing Smarter Processing Capacity

SureWAN 4.0 requires less of the centralised connectivity platform‘s processing capacity  compared to previous generations of the aggregation technology, enabling more computing resources to be allocated for other Internet-enabled onboard applications.

This enhanced allocation of capacity guarantees the smooth and responsive operation of various services, benefitting the overall passenger experience and making operational systems even more reliable.


3: Helping Craft a Greener Solution Architecture

SureWAN 4.0s increased application efficiency reduces the complexity of the solution architecture and enables better connectivity for passengers. As a result, it can play its role in helping to encourage more people to travel using public transport, aligning with our objective to deploy smart and attractive solutions while minimising our own environmental impact.


4: The Path to Future-Proof Innovation

As a network protocol which decouples networking hardware from its control mechanism, instead utilising software to more intelligently control and centrally manage traffic, SureWAN has been a fully-fledged SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) solution for longer than the terminology has even existed, providing smarter, more efficient network management. With the technology’s next evolutionary leap, SureWAN 4.0 enables improvements to be deployed even faster and more securely than ever before.

SureWAN 4.0 has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with Icomera’s multi-modem mobile connectivity and applications routers and works alongside our ICONIC cloud-based management software tools which empower operators to monitor and report on system performance, as well as to roll-out new applications and upgrades remotely over-the-air.

With the various performance enhancements it brings, SureWAN 4.0 also enables transport operators to take advantage of the very latest Icomera tools, such as our IcoShape intelligent data traffic shaping solution; benefitting from new features and tools is one of the reasons why all eligible Icomera clients will be upgraded to SureWAN 4.0 in due course.

Finally, Icomera’s connectivity solution allows new and emerging communications technologies, such as Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology, to be integrated as and when they become available, and once they attain the necessary level of reliability and maturity to effectively meet our clients’ needs. This flexibility provides transport operators with future-proof connectivity options which allow them to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital world.

In conclusion, SureWAN 4.0’s advanced features pave the way for increased efficiency and improved passenger satisfaction.

The technology represents a significant step forward in meeting and exceeding the demands within the telecommunications industry generally and public transportation sector specifically, for fast, reliable, ubiquitous connectivity.