Deutsche Bahn Launches Free Passenger WI-FI Service on Its Süwex Trains

Deutsche Bahn (DB) subsidiary DB Regio has implemented free Passenger Wi-Fi and entertainment services on 14 of its 28 Southwestern (Süwex) regional express trains, running every hour from Koblenz via Trier and Saarbrücken to Mannheim. The service will be expanded to the remaining fleet within the coming months.

Passengers increasingly expect to be in constant contact with their work or social media, wherever they are, creating an ever-growing demand for free reliable Wi-Fi access.

“If we want to make public transport more attractive, we have to ensure that it also fits the need of the passengers. Equipping the regional trains with free Internet is therefore an important contribution to strengthening public transport” says Jurgen Barke, State secretary for Economic Affairs.