Free Wi-Fi for Wirral Bus Passengers

More Stagecoach buses in Merseyside and South Lancashire will soon feature Icomera Passenger Wi-Fi. Passengers can now stay connected across the Wirral Peninsula, including those crossing the Mersey with access to the free Icomera Wi-Fi fitted into each bus.

Stagecoach is continuously updating and upgrading its buses across Merseyside and South Lancashire to maximise comfort for passengers. The Wirral Wi-Fi initiative follows popular service upgrades that took place in Liverpool last year, where Stagecoach introduced a fleet of 32 luxury buses with Wi-Fi across a number of popular routes.

Rob Jones, managing director of Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire, said: “We’re so pleased to announce that all our buses that travel across the Wirral are now fitted with free high-speed Wi-Fi. We recognise that our passengers want to stay up-to-date and connected even when travelling, so this is an exciting time for passengers on the Wirral.”

Icomera Passenger Wi-Fi is now widely available on Stagecoach buses in the north of England, and on buses and trains in the United Kingdom as a whole.