GoMedia is Revolutionising the Digital Passenger Experience

Working as a wholly owned subsidiary of Icomera, GoMedia develops consumer facing digital solutions for transport operators worldwide. Our services are helping propel the move towards digitalisation by creating a complete and competitive end-to-end passenger information and entertainment channel.

Many of us spend a significant proportion of our lives travelling, and GoMedia was born out of a simple desire to make this time spent on transport both enjoyable and productive; whether it’s checking everything is looking OK on your onward journey during the morning commute or sitting down to watch a movie on an inter-city train, our services are designed to keep passengers informed and entertained. A big bonus is that our technology seamlessly integrates with Icomera’s centralised connectivity platform, allowing a whole host of passenger-centric applications to be deployed from a single piece of hardware, delivering both cost efficiency and long-term reliability.

This requirement for digital solutions has undoubtedly been accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – Passengers need real-time access to data in order to safely and efficiently plan their journeys, and to stay connected while on the go. In contrast, traditional information channels simply cannot keep pace with data demands and are too expensive to maintain / update; they also can’t support a two-way conversation between passengers and operators while the journey is in progress. GoMedia’s digital solutions can collect in-journey feedback from customers while on board, generating invaluable data for understanding the evolving landscape of passenger routines, sentiment, and mindset.

To find out more about how GoMedia’s services are helping improve the passenger experience, instilling a greater level of rider confidence, and encouraging people to use public transport over less sustainable means of travel, read our new brochure.