Gothenburg Launches Emission-Free Bus Route

A bus route served entirely by silent, emission-free electrical and electric-hybrid vehicles is being launched in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Buses for the route have been provided by Swedish manufacturer Volvo and will be powered solely by electricity generated by wind and hydropower sources.

Passengers will also be able to charge their devices and access Wi-Fi aboard the buses.

The project is a part of the ElectriCity initiative focused on the development and testing of sustainable public transport concepts. Researchers involved in the project also develop and test new bus stop systems, traffic management systems, safety concepts and energy supply systems.

“Gothenburg is being developed into a denser, more sustainable and open city with attractive public spaces and a rich urban life,” said Anneli Hulthen, Chair of the City Executive in Gothenburg.

“The project also demonstrates our ambition and strategy to attract expertise and investment that help to reduce environmental impact and develop collaboration between authorities, industry and academia.”