Hi-Tech Buses Keep Passengers Connected on the Go

Wi-Fi has quickly become part of the fabric of everyday life. Nowadays, everyone expects to be able to get good Wi-Fi connections wherever they go and, wherever possible, for free.

Go North East, the region’s largest bus company, has led the way by providing free onboard wifi.

Stephen King, marketing and sales manager at Go North East, said: “We recognised that the ability to stay connected and in touch while on the move would become an important feature of travel. Not only were we the first bus company in the region to provide free Wi-Fi, we’ve also equipped more of our buses than any other operator.

More than one in five of Go North East’s modern fleet of quality buses operating on many important routes offers free Wi-Fi for everyone.

“We have 120 buses fitted with free customer wifi that’s more than any other bus company in the North East.”

Stephen King said: “Free Wi-Fi means that bus passengers can browse the internet, check social media, work or play games on their phones, tablets and iPads during their journey making it either productive and useful or relaxing and entertaining, just as you wish. You can’t do that while driving a car or riding a train.

“Free Wi-Fi is an important part of our customer offering, helping to keep our customers connected while they’re on the go. Our key routes, linking Tyneside and Wearside from as far away as Middlesbrough, Durham, Hexham and Blyth, offer free Wi-Fi connectivity.”

“While Wi-Fi is only free on trains for passengers in first class, and there’s no Wi-Fi on local trains, the bus is fast becoming the first choice for people who want to stay connected on the go.”

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