How to Get Connected with Federal Funding

Your opportunity to deploy connected intelligent infrastructure is here. 

The USDOT has made available $120 million to transit agencies, MPOs, and State/local governments through the Advanced Transportation Technologies and Innovative Mobility Deployment (ATTIMD) program, also known as the Advanced Transportation Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) program.

ATTAIN provides funding to plan, design, deploy, and install advanced transportation technologies to improve safety, mobility, efficiency, system performance, connectivity, and infrastructure return on investment.

We see this as an incredible opportunity for transit agencies to implement a system wide connectivity program that includes safety/security features and other plug and play tools that will help increase ridership, increase operational efficiency, and improve safety.

To provide guidance to our nation’s transportation agencies, below are a few Q&As regarding the ATTAIN grant opportunity.


Who is eligible for ATTAIN grants? 

– State or local governments, Transit agencies, or Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).

What are some eligible use cases where Icomera solutions would comply with ATTAIN grant funding? 

– Advanced transportation technologies, in accordance with research areas described in the DOT’s 5-year transportation research and development strategic plan (section 6503 of title 49, United States Code).

What system enhancements could we apply for under this criterion? 

– If your agency is interested in transit connectivity, passenger Wi-Fi, or automated safety and security, these system enhancements can be considered under the federal grant funding.

What work would the grant ask for?  

– The grant would ask for funding to 1) develop a comprehensive connectivity platform for transit agencies and passenger rail operations, 2) a systemwide safety and security initiatives, or 3) a combination of 1 and 2.

How would this grant application meet the criteria?  

– As noted in the USDOT’s 5-year strategic plan, the transportation system of the future will integrate digital technologies and infrastructure to support safe, reliable, and convenient multi-modal travel.

How could this grant funding help my transportation operations?  

– By implementing an onboard connectivity system, agencies will have secure and reliable real-time data to drive better decisions to improve the traveler experience and strengthen the economy.

When are applications for ATTAIN due?  

– Applications for ATTAIN are due February 2, 2024, and all projects will require 20 percent local match.

How many grants will be awarded?  

– USDOT will award between 10-20 projects through this notice.


This is an opportunity to think big about aligning the future of the onboard experience with the future of the shiny new locomotives and we are here to support that alignment.

For over twenty years we have been educating transportation agencies and authorities on the advantages of how connectivity can enhance the passenger experience and operational efficiency. Successfully connecting tens of thousands of vehicles means we know what it takes and have the scale to build a solution that works in every situation.

Our team has unparalleled experience and expertise in designing, deploying, and supporting connectivity solutions for transport operators across the globe. It’s time to take full advantage of the resources to advance world-class passenger experiences nationwide.

If you have questions on how we can work together, please contact myself ([email protected]) or one of the sales team members below:

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