How Would You Navigate the World If You Couldn’t See?

Accessibility – when we think of that word in terms of transport, we typically think of a wheelchair user, of someone who needs level boarding or ramps and who needs wheelchair-accessible platforms.  

Josephine Cordero Sapién, editor for Railway-News, sat down with Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia, and Sven Koster, GoMedia Head of Business Development and Innovation, at InnoTrans to learn about a tool to help the visually impaired navigate their way around stations, Visor.  

Visor enables the blind and visually impaired to navigate their way around transportation stations and rail platforms – independently, without the need for expensive, fixed infrastructure.  

But accessibility is a much bigger area in need of consideration. 

Think for a moment you are visually impaired or blind. And you want to take the train to visit a friend. You manage to navigate your way to the station, but then what?  

Wayfinding must now be accessible. 

This article first appeared in the Railway-News magazine, Issue 4 2022 Data & Monitoring edition. 

Read the full interview here – How Would You Navigate the World If You Couldn’t See?