Icomera Advises Transport Operators on Communication Technology Best Practices in North America

With the emergence of smart cities, IoT and 5G technologies, the importance of reliable, secure, real-time onboard communications for public transportation vehicles is ever increasing.

Connectivity to the vehicle through cellular, satellite, radio and dedicated short-range communication (DSRC), as well as onboard connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ethernet, results in a highly sophisticated mobile communications network. While being a sizable investment for any agency, choosing the right solution can deliver great returns.

To get the most out of their network and onboard systems, transportation operators and agencies need to consider the network connectivity, equipment, management tools, security and the benefits for operational efficiency and the passenger experience.

Recently, Icomera’s North American Product Lead, Maria Waddy, advised Mass Transit Magazine on best practices for transport operators looking to leverage advanced connectivity technology in order to improve communications.

The article explores the benefits that a centralized connectivity platform can offer transport operators, not least of which are the convenience, efficiency, and security of an all-in-one solution capable of providing passenger-centric services, such as onboard Wi-Fi and entertainment, in parallel with mission-critical applications such as video monitoring, vehicle condition monitoring, and fleet management.

A high-bandwidth connection for riders not only allows passengers to be connected and productive on their journeys; it also provides an opportunity for agencies to connect with their passenger community [and]… allows agencies to increase brand awareness and collect valuable ridership information that can be used for marketing and outreach purposes and data mining.

Investing in the right onboard connectivity solution can provide excellent returns. Agencies can optimize vehicle and fleet operations to reduce costs, improve the passenger experience to increase ridership and revenues and offer additional monetization opportunities for agencies.


The full article can be read here.