Icomera Celebrates First Decade with Rail Wi-Fi

Icomera and the Swedish/Norwegian rail operator Linx launched the world’s first commercial passenger WiFi service in September 2002. With its multi carrier, link aggregating capabilities it was a revolution in onboard passenger services. At the time, only a a fraction of users’ laptops were WiFi equipped and the system used a combination of satellite and GPRS connectivity to provide a multi-megabit connection to passengers.

Since then WiFi access has become a given, the passenger usage count has increased hundred-fold and so has the performance of cellular networks. With today’s 4G networks, Icomera can provide 100+ Mbps throughput to trains in motion, providing capacity for a wide range of onboard applications.

In 2010, Icomera reinvented the onboard rail service by adding an open applications environment to its products. Today there are 39 external companies developing innovative applications for Icomera’s platform. At InnoTrans 2012 Icomera showcased a couple of applications from Observit AB and Praxis Networks Ltd, two Icomera Solutions Partners.

Article by
Mats Karlsson

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21st September 2012