Icomera Completes Next-generation Technology Upgrade Program for Greyhound

Continuing a successful decade-long partnership, Icomera has completed an ambitious technology upgrade program for Greyhound, replacing its legacy M-Series hardware with its next-generation X-Series connectivity platform. Now installed on all coaches for North America’s largest provider of intercity bus transportation, the upgrade delivers a faster Internet connection to Greyhound’s vehicles, supporting the Passenger Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment services, while also providing a centralized connectivity platform which offers the potential to host a range of other Internet-enabled onboard applications.

Icomera’s technology was first deployed on Greyhound’s vehicles in 2010. Since then, the relationship has evolved to the point where Icomera is now a key partner in Greyhound’s wider digital strategy. At the start of the decade, Icomera was engaged by Greyhound to supply its Passenger Wi-Fi service; in 2018, Icomera’s scope of supply to Greyhound was expanded when its mobile applications routers were also utilized to host onboard entertainment content including movies, TV shows, eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and games for passengers to enjoy.

Now, as a result of the latest technology upgrade program for Greyhound’s fleet, Icomera has deployed its advanced X-Series wireless Internet connectivity platform. The new platform provides the wireless Internet connectivity and onboard computer processing power and storage necessary for delivering a significantly improved passenger experience, allowing travelers to enjoy Wi-Fi with faster browsing speeds and enhanced media options. Beyond Passenger Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment, Icomera’s centralized connectivity platform offers the potential to host a range of other operational, safety & security and passenger-related applications as part of a single solution.

Todd Koch, Vice President Strategy, Marketing & Customer Engagement at Greyhound Lines, Inc. said: “As the leader in intercity bus transportation in North America, we are constantly implementing technology aimed at improving the way people experience travel. Our partnership with Icomera and introduction of their X-Series product line to our fleet will not only enhance Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment access for our customers but reinforces our commitment to innovation and digital solutions that elevate the customer experience.”

Magnus Friberg, Icomera’s CEO, said: “We welcome the opportunity to continue supporting Greyhound in both their daily operations – with all systems supported by our 24/7 NOC – and their longer-term digital strategy, delivering solutions which reflect Greyhound’s position as a prominent transport operator in the green mobility revolution, a movement which is encouraging sustainable transport habits as part of the zero-carbon transition.”

For a more detailed summary of Icomera’s work together with Greyhound, view our Case Study. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of this press release.


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About Greyhound

Greyhound is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, serving 2,400 destinations with a modern, environmentally friendly fleet. Founded in 1914, it has grown to become an American icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to nearly 16 million passengers each year.

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