High-Speed Icomera Wi-Fi Being Deployed Across Deutsche Bahn Intercity Fleets

Deutsche Bahn (DB) division DB Fernverkehr is continuing deployment of Icomera’s world-leading mobile Internet connectivity platform across all lines of its Intercity service, which connects all major cities in Germany. Icomera is currently installing its solution across the entire fleet of IC1 and bilevel IC2 trains and will consist of award-winning Passenger Wi-Fi and will host Deutsche Bahn’s own ‘ICE Portal’ from early 2020, providing onboard journey information and free entertainment to passengers.

The rollout of Icomera’s solution across the Intercity service began in summer 2019, concurrent with the ongoing Wi-Fi deployment on Deutsche Bahn’s new high-speed ICE 4 trains. The retrofits to the IC1 and IC2 fleets are being undertaken via three depots simultaneously, ensuring efficient project delivery with minimal service disruption.

Deutsche Bahn’s Intercity trains leverage the power of Icomera’s high-performance X-Series open application and connectivity platform. The solution supports multiple resource-intensive Internet-enabled applications, including reliable, high-bandwidth Passenger Wi-Fi and hosted media content streaming, as part of a single framework, ensuring that passengers are as entertained as they are productive during their journey. Additionally, from early 2020, entertainment content provided on the ICE Portal will be stored locally on the X-Series device.

Thomas Roberts, Icomera’s SVP for EMEA region, said: “As part of our mission to make public transport a more attractive option for passengers, Icomera is proud to continue our Digital Partnership with Deutsche Bahn, supporting its delivery of Digital Rail for Germany through the ongoing upgrades to the networks on IC and ICE services. Deutsche Bahn’s dedication to its customers and the global environment synergize perfectly with our ambitions, along with those of our parent company, ENGIE Solutions, as the Connected Journey helps to transport us towards the Zero-Carbon Transition.”

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About Icomera
Icomera is the world’s leading provider of wireless Internet connectivity for public transport, committed to promoting green mobility. Serving millions of Wi-Fi users worldwide, our award-winning technology makes public transport a better, safer, more attractive option for passengers, supporting our mission to help contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions of 3.5 million metric tons by 2022. A wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE Solutions, Icomera is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with main offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the United States and Canada.

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About ENGIE Solutions
ENGIE Solutions supports towns, industries and companies in the tertiary sector, providing them with solutions to the challenges posed by the energy transition in the form of turnkey and bespoke packages.
ENGIE Solutions’ experts apply all their expertise in pursuit of three aims: optimising the use of energy and resources, greening energies and reinventing living and working environments.
ENGIE Solutions guarantees its clients a single point of contact and a combination of complementary offerings that go beyond energy. The company is committed to achieving results and its 50,000 employees which operate throughout France (900 sites) have expertise in an extremely diverse number of areas, ranging from the design and operation of infrastructure & services, to funding, installation and maintenance.
ENGIE Solutions is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the world’s leading low-carbon energy and services groups whose aim is to become the leader in the zero-carbon transition.

Turnover: €10 billion.

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About DB Fernverkehr AG
DB Fernverkehr AG provides regular national and international day-time services. To ensure this, it operates a close network of 800 daily long-distance rail services in Germany. Apart from national products, each day approximately 250 cross-border connections to some 80 European cities are on offer – mainly in cooperation with partner railways. This enables DB Fernverkehr with its ICEs, ICs and ECs to carry approximately 410,000 customers to their destinations every day.

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