Icomera and FlixBus Win Smart Mobility Award in Madrid

The FlixBus connectivity project granted to Icomera (part of the ENGIE Group) has recently been awarded an institutional prize in Spain – namely, it has been recognized as the leader in the Smart Mobility category for the 2018 EnerTIC Awards.

The prize was presented in a Gala that took place at the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement’s headquarters in Madrid. This event has taken place annually since 2012, recognizing innovation for the purpose of improving energy efficiency in the digital era. Many international consulting companies, large system integrators and key players in the energy and mobility fields were present, and this FlixBus-Icomera project deployed in Spain, with the help of ENGIE’s local team, was able to top its competition for this EnerTIC award.

The awards are part of a larger initiative by the Spanish Government to boost entrepreneurship, sustainability and ensure a leading position in the digital market.

FlixBus, an Icomera partner since 2013, began as a start-up of three young entrepreneurs in Germany and has gone on to become a front-runner in the European transport sector. The partnership’s latest collaboration, begun in Spring 2018, was recognised for both parties’ commitment to providing a comfortable and affordable mode of transport that is more attractive than less sustainable methods.

FlixBus awarded Icomera a large-scale contract for advanced onboard Internet connectivity and eco-friendly driving solutions, which is currently being rolled out across a sizeable fleet of 1,500 intercity coaches.

Passengers are provided with unparalleled Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time journey information and a broad range of entertainment options including TV shows, games, eBooks, audio content and feature films straight from Hollywood.

The project utilises Icomera’s high-performance X³ multi-radio and applications router from its flagship X-Series platform to deliver scalable, future-proof Internet connectivity and a range of tools for large-scale cloud-based configuration, monitoring and fleet management to provide a truly exceptional coach service.

The recognition from EnerTIC reinforces how a Connected Journey not only has a positive environmental impact, but also benefits international commerce – in this case, bringing Spain one step closer to becoming a world leader in the digital marketplace.


ENGIE Spain CEO, Ms. Loreto Ordóñez-Solis wins BEST EnerTIC Director 2018.

At the same Gala, Ms.Ordóñez-Solis was recognised for her contributions to sustainable management within the energy sector, promoting and developing systems of best practice for energy efficiency through digitization.

ENGIE Spain is improving operational efficiency through its highly advanced information technology initiatives, maintaining its position at the forefront of green energy provision in the country.

Around 33% of Spain’s energy is currently generated from renewable sources and, through the efforts of organisations such as ENGIE, is set to achieve its targets for carbon emission reductions, making a substantial shift to more sustainable energy sources by 2020.

About Icomera

Icomera is the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety.

Its award-winning products are deployed on rail, road and sea, providing high-speed access for fleet tracking and mission-critical onboard systems.

For more information please visit www.icomera.com.


About ENGIE Spain

As a creator of solutions for connected urban areas and neighbourhoods (electrical solutions, communications and information systems), ENGIE Ineo has more than 15,000 employees working to meet the needs of a changing world. In 2017, it reported revenues of €2.3 billion.

ENGIE Spain is made up of a team of more than 2,000 specialists, who innovate to improve their customers’ savings through energy efficiency and to facilitate the shift to renewable energy across Spain. They support their customers in transport, telecommunications, and energy infrastructures projects, service sector and industrial projects, as well as security and defence projects. From design through to production, maintenance, and operation, ENGIE Spain’s experts imagine and anticipate tomorrow’s needs by developing solutions combining technical and cost-effective performance. ENGIE Spain is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the world’s leading energy companies. www.engie.es


About FlixBus

FlixBus is a long-distance mobility provider and brand of the FlixMobility group. The start-up was founded and launched in Germany after the deregulation of the national market in 2013. With 250,000 daily connections to 1,400 destinations in 26 countries, FlixBus provides Europe’s largest inter-city bus network. https://www.flixbus.com/company/sustainability

Article by
Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

18th January 2019