Icomera Joins League of Railway Women Panel on the Future of Rail Technology

Recently, Icomera US Inc. Product Lead, Maria Waddy, spoke at the League of Railway Women’s panel at the Railway Interchange 2019 exhibition in Minnesota, regarding the future of technology in the rail industry. The panel consisted of a diverse array of female industry experts and delivered thought-leading insights on the role of technological innovation in constructing the future of smart transit.

Maria was also able to draw on her experience with Icomera to advise Mass Transit Magazine on the importance of creating stronger Internet connectivity for mass transit operators – Not only to improve passenger experience through onboard Wi-Fi and entertainment, but to also establish a means for operators to improve service reliability, operational efficiency, and reduce long-term running costs.

In order to access technology solutions, transit organizations must have a strong and robust Wi-Fi network that can support the large quantities of data necessary to operate a seamless system. The network needs to be reliable and secure to allow for real-time information that allows the transit system to operate as efficiently as possible.

Rail operators recognize that the reliability and timeliness of their service is important to customers. They will increasingly use digitalization of onboard systems and remote diagnostics to improve operational efficiency.

Wireless internet connectivity can also be utilized by operators to monitor other onboard systems remotely, and to derive insights and value from the available statistics, improving fleet performance and management,” Waddy explained.

Icomera is reducing the need for additional hardware and software by running multiple virtual applications from a single platform, delivering a powerful connectivity solution with the necessary computer processing power and storage needed for supporting resource-intensive applications such as passenger Wi-Fi, Infotainment and real-time CCTV simultaneously as part of a single solution.

You can read the full article here.

Article by
Nick Knights


25th September 2019