Icomera’s powerful, secure, and fully integrated technology platform allows a whole host of passenger, safety and operational-focused applications to be deployed from a single piece of hardware, delivering cost efficiency, long-term reliability, and provable results for transport operators across the globe.

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Icomera’s Value

Centralised Connectivity Platform

SureWAN™, Icomera’s proprietary core technology, empowers our onboard routers to intelligently connect to multiple communications networks simultaneously. This means we can support cellular, private trackside and satellite networks as part of a single solution, aggregating all available capacity to deliver the fastest, most reliable connection possible to a moving vehicle.

Passenger Experience

We deliver a wide range of services which improve the experience of those travelling, increasing satisfaction levels and ultimately encouraging passengers to use public transport more often.

Safety & Operational Efficiency

Leveraging Icomera’s onboard connectivity, we deploy solutions which make travel safer for passengers and more cost-efficient for operators.

Our Services

Offering truly end-to-end solutions “as a service”, we build a team around your team, taking care of everything from planning and design, through to installation, integration and continuous support.


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