Icomera May Challenge 2020

A team of Icomera fitness fanatics are set to complete a month-long program of physical exercise this weekend, as part of an employee initiative dubbed “Icomera May”.

This time last year Icomera was celebrating the success of its team of runners completing the “Göteborgsvarvet” half marathon in Gothenburg, Sweden. The 21 km race is the world’s most popular half marathon, attracting over 60,000 runners annually. But as our runners entered the final months of their training programs for this year’s race, widespread social distancing measures came into effect and the event was understandably cancelled.

Enter “Icomera May” – a challenge open to all employees and all fitness-levels, to each run a combined total of 21 km during the month of May. This could be made up of as many smaller runs as they needed to reach their target, providing there were no conflicts with the social distancing measures introduced by local authorities in all of the countries where we are based. Some ambitious participants even managed to complete the challenge in one go!

Icomera May has been a great opportunity to boost team morale during this time of uncertainty. Running and other forms of fitness are some of the best ways to improve both mental and physical health, by providing an outlet for stress relief and improving overall happiness.

Petra Hagensen, Icomera’s SVP HR, and an Icomera May participant said: “Icomera is extremely proud of everyone who is currently participating in the Icomera May Challenge. Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential especially during this time of isolation. The Icomera May challenge is a great opportunity for our incredibly hard-working and motivated staff to continue promoting our core values of health and wellbeing.”