Icomera Named One of Sweden's Top 100 Companies to Work For

Karriärföretagen, the annual list of the top 100 companies to work for in Sweden, has named Icomera in their list for 2015. This puts Icomera alongside companies like IBM, PwC and Arriva.

Karriärföretagen explained their decision to include Icomera in this year’s list, “At Icomera, employees are challenged to constantly create future technology for public transport. With offices in Sweden, the USA, the UK and more locations in the pipeline, Icomera offers major international career opportunities. Moreover, with a focus on skill-development, Icomera invests in its employees, with tools like the Icomera Academy. Together with their open corporate culture, it is clear that Icomera deserves to be one of Sweden’s Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2015.”

Cecilia Karlsson, VP of HR and Quality at Icomera, commented, “A positive company environment has been instrumental to our success, and so it is wonderful to be recognised for it. For our new and existing employees, we strike the perfect balance: we have years of experience as a leader in our field, but we are still growing at incredible rates in a sector with lots of untapped potential. Moreover, our work with public transport operators has a direct benefit for the general population and improves people’s social and economic quality of life. It’s meaningful work, and that makes all the difference.”

Article by
Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

26th February 2015