We have been recognized for our innovation, vision, teamwork, and profound impact on the transportation industry.

“It’s fascinating how much impact the pandemic had on passenger travel. It’s clear that the work Icomera is doing is significant towards rebuilding the industry.”2024 Awards Judge

The Global Business Tech Awards are renowned for showcasing and celebrating the best of tech innovation across industry verticals. This year’s nomination underscores our dedication to transforming the transportation experience through superior connectivity solutions. 

Passengers aboard VIA Rail using onboard connectivity for video conferencing, checking emails, and watching movies


“We are deeply honored and humbled to have been recognized as a finalist for the Transport Tech Company of the Year at the Global Business Tech Awards. This distinction is a testament not only to our innovative spirit but also to our incredible team’s relentless pursuit of excellence in connecting journeys.  At the heart of our success lies a profound sense of gratitude—for our partners, our clients, and the millions of passengers who inspire us to transform the transportation experience through cutting-edge connectivity. Every challenge we encounter fuels our commitment to making transit productive, informed, safe, and sustainable. We dedicate this achievement to all those who believe in a more connected and environmentally conscious future.” – Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal, President of Icomera North America


Impactful Contributions to the Transportation Industry 

We have consistently demonstrated its ability in enhancing transportation services by offering robust connectivity platforms that support a multitude of applications, from passenger Wi-Fi to real-time data insights for operations. The successful deployment of custom-designed systems for key players like GO Transit, VIA Rail, Ontario Northland, and SunRail have been indication to Icomera’s ability to deliver state-of-the-art passenger experiences.  

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional solutions for onboard connectivity while also relying on a collaborative approach to educate transit decision-makers and policymakers on sustainable, future-proof paths to digital transformation. 

Ontario Northland’s user interface for onboard entertainment, GoView


Driving the Future of Transit Connectivity 

The recently launched X7 mobile connectivity and applications router, along with the pioneering Wi-Fi 7 access point, the A2, are testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. 

Our pursuit of breakthroughs in the transit tech sphere is ceaseless. The launch of our X7 mobile connectivity router and the Wi-Fi 7 compatible A2 access point are prime examples of our relentless drive towards innovation. This recognition ignites our determination to continue leading the charge in transforming the landscape of transit technology. It is our pledge to remain at the forefront, delivering solutions that not only meet the current demands but pave the way for advancements yet to come.” – Icomera Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mats Karlsson 

With expertise that navigates through the challenges of modern transit systems, our nomination as a finalist reflects our commitment to making transportation smarter, safer, and more sustainable for millions of passengers each day.