Icomera to Showcase Passenger Wi-Fi and Infotainment at ALBUM 2017

Icomera will be demonstrating the next generation of onboard Passenger Wi-Fi at this year’s ALBUM conference. Using patented market leading technology to provide an onboard connectivity solution, Icomera has been delivering mobile Internet for public transport since 2002, now supporting millions of Wi-Fi users every week, across the globe.

Icomera’s new high performance routers give coach and bus operators and manufacturers access to a more advanced hardware and software platform, meeting the business requirements of operators on any scale. The new generation of technology allows Icomera to tailor a connectivity solution to best fit the immediate and long term needs of a public transport operator.

Creating a Connected Journey has many benefits for transport operators and the wider public, ultimately improving the onboard experience and attracting new passengers. Moreover, Icomera’s latest Infotainment solution entertains passengers with a range of video, ebook, audio book, gaming and news content, cached on the vehicle. This reduces the operator’s mobile data costs and frees up the available Wi-Fi bandwidth from more data-heavy web traffic.

Stephen Hall, Director of UK Bus and Coach said: “As the demand for Passenger Wi-Fi increases, it is important that people can be connected and entertained wherever they are. The Icomera platform enables operators to have both Passenger Infotainment and mission critical data applications in one place, resulting in a streamlined service and a reduced cost.

“Implementation of Icomera’s connectivity solution covers all areas including: design, provisioning, project management, installation, commissioning, extended warranty, and aftersales support services for both operators and passengers.”

For more information visit www.icomera.com