Göteborg, Sweden, October 8 2013 – Icomera, a world leader in mobile connectivity solutions is supporting East Coast’s £2.2m upgrade of their on-board wireless internet systems.

Passengers’ beliefs about their basic onboard rights have moved with the times, their expectations heightened by the extension of fibre optic broadband into millions of homes and the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers. East Coast, understanding their passengers’ needs, have determined that the speed and consistency of their on-train Internet connection will be an increasingly important factor in achieving the highest levels of passenger satisfaction. Longstanding partner Icomera will be installing their industry-leading X6 routers on each of East Coast’s 44 trains in early 2014. This is an upgrade from the previous Icomera solution and the move to the LTE-equipped X6 routers will ensure that the operator achieves their goals.

East Coast’s Commercial and Customer Service Director Peter Williams said: “We know that Wi-Fi is one of the key reasons why people choose to travel with us, instead of driving or flying. It’s vital that our system keeps up with rapidly rising demand from passengers, starting with a more reliable connection into the system from the moment their journey with us begins.”

While the upgraded Icomera solution will deliver immediate improvements in the quality of their on-board passenger Wi-Fi experience, East Coast are also positioning themselves to achieve longer-term objectives. Utilising Icomera’s patented SureWAN technology, East Coast will be best placed to steal a march on their competitors when Network Rail completes upgrades on its trackside mobile infrastructure, due by 2019. Furthermore, by continuing to invest in Icomera’s open application and connectivity platform, they benefit from a complete fleet broadband communication solution, one which already supports East Coast’s remote condition monitoring and onboard catering systems, as well as planned additional passenger, business and industry enhancements.

When the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin launched a scheme to boost mobile broadband signals on trains last Monday, it may have appeared that passenger Wi-Fi was fast becoming this month’s hot topic. In reality, some more progressive rail operators with their fingers on the pulse have already taken the initiative.

About Icomera:

Icomera launched the world’s first high-speed Internet solution for trains in September 2002 and is today the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety. Our award-winning products are deployed on rail, road and sea, serving more than 30 million Wi-Fi users in over 26 countries and providing high-speed access for fleet tracking and mission-critical onboard systems.

Established in 1999, Icomera is headquartered in Sweden with offices in the United Kingdom and channel partners worldwide.