Icomera, WiFi Spark and Chiltern Shortlisted in UK Rail Industry Awards

Icomera, WiFi SPARK and Chiltern Railways have been shortlisted for the prestigious UK Rail Industry Awards in the ‘Design Innovation’ category for their recent launch of the ‘Continuously Connected Passenger Journey’ across the Chiltern Railways estate.

The Continuously Connected Passenger Journey is the realisation of the ambition from Chiltern Railways to deliver high quality, free Wi-Fi connectivity to their passengers throughout their journeys, whether they are in the station or on the train.

Icomera and WiFi SPARK delivered this by collaborating completely and openly, and using their advanced skill sets to create the technical solution. Both Icomera and WiFi SPARK adapted their Wi-Fi services so that passengers can roam between the station and train, keeping their devices continuously connected to the Wi-Fi.

Chiltern Railways, Icomera and WiFi SPARK are proud to have delivered this ‘first’ for the rail industry, enabling passengers to experience an optimal Wi-Fi connection throughout their journey.

Article by
Peter Kingsland


2nd December 2016