Icomera X5 Introduces Next-Generation Digital Solutions to North American Rail Market

More than ever before, rail operators are expected to provide the best quality service to their customers, while simultaneously operating with greater efficiency and maintaining safety and security standards on board their vehicles. Recognizing the need to be in constant communication with vehicles and systems, the industry is increasingly turning to digital solutions powered by high-performance Internet connectivity, allowing data to be transferred in real-time between operators and their fleets, while also opening opportunities for new onboard passenger services.

Designed to meet these growing requirements, the Icomera X5 can run multiple virtual applications from a single piece of hardware, providing a simple, one-box solution. With industry-leading mobile Internet connectivity at its heart, the X5 allows operators to perform quick, over-the-air upgrades and install new applications remotely, supporting future-proof digital rail solutions. Following successful deployments in Europe, Icomera is launching the high-performance X5 multi-radio mobile access and applications router in North America.

Powerful Application Platform

The Icomera X5 is the latest high-performance router to give vehicle manufacturers and operators access to Icomera’s advanced X-Series platform, supporting multiple, resource-intensive applications such as Passenger Wi-Fi, Infotainment and real-time CCTV simultaneously as part of a single solution. Supported by robust and scalable back-end management software, operators can easily configure, monitor and report on system performance.

Industry-Leading Connectivity

Operators can take advantage of Icomera’s patented software for combining multiple networks in parallel, providing the fastest, most reliable connection available for passengers and systems. 10 Gbps internal data transfer is supported to meet the immediate needs of the modern rail operator as part of a future-proof onboard network, increasing the availability and performance of connected systems.

Modern Passenger Amenities

With the Icomera X5, public transport operators can offer a significantly-improved passenger experience, allowing travellers to enjoy Wi-Fi with faster browsing speeds and enhanced media options. Operators can also cache their own video or media content onboard thanks to the X5’s built-in storage. Hosting infotainment locally on the vehicle, as opposed to streaming it directly over the Internet, further reduces the cellular data costs typically associated with similar solutions.

Announcing the launch of the X5 in North America, Magnus Friberg, Icomera’s SVP for the region said “Our technology provides the strongest onboard connectivity, processing power, and storage, essential for delivering next-generation mobile connectivity solutions for mass transit. With no need for additional hardware such as media servers or CCTV recorders, the X5 provides a simple one-box solution. As we move towards truly Connected Journeys, it means accelerating the delivery of cost-effective connected applications based on real-time data streams.”

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