Icomera’s Premium X6 Router Shortlisted for Design Award

The Icomera X6 router, designed in collaboration with Shift Design and Strategy, has been shortlisted for the Stora DesignPriset design award.

The X6 mobile communication and application router for public transport is Icomera’s premium hardware product, supplying rail passengers and staff with stable Internet access throughout their journeys. The Stora DesignPriset judges were attracted to the high-performance functionally and pleasing aesthetics of the router’s design.

With the X6 design, Icomera has created a brand identity of technical excellence, innovation, quality and ruggedness. Icomera has introduced new technologies and new ways of thinking to the rail industry. Train hardware is traditionally mounted in 19” racks, but with train operators installing a growing number of onboard devices, available rack space is increasingly limited. Identifying this as a major issue for transport operators, Icomera designed the X6 router to not only be compact, but also to be a powerful one-box solution built to support multiple onboard systems, from Passenger Wi-Fi to Real Time Information, Telematics and much more.

“The strong collaborative relationship between Icomera and our Gothenburg neighbour, Shift, was very important.  We shared a common vision and worked closely from the research phase right through to completion. The design process has been characterized by the simultaneous development of product, design and technology” said Mats Karlsson, Head of Innovation at Icomera.

“Icomera and Shift have developed a design which strengthens our brand, and that employees are proud of. When a company has visibly invested in the design process, it sends a very powerful message to the customer that they are serious about what they do. Our attention to detail is immediately obvious and when technological excellence is your goal, no detail is too small. It has been a great commercial success, both for Icomera and for our end customers.”

The winner will be announced on 12 May 2016.

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Article by
Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

19th April 2016