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Icomera TraXside – Delivering the True Gigabit Train

Icomera TraXside – Delivering the True Gigabit Train

Icomera, the mobile Internet pioneer, has announced its latest next-generation product, Icomera TraXside.


The Challenge

Rail passengers and onboard systems increasingly expect and rely on fast, uninterrupted Internet connectivity for the duration of the train journey. The “Gigabit Train” is a vehicle with a 1Gbit/s or better connection to the Internet.

Business travellers wanting to use video-conferencing, leisure passengers wanting to stream their favourite TV and security applications streaming live HD CCTV images to central operation centers are just some of the use-cases behind the need to deliver more bandwidth to the connected rail vehicle than ever before.

While the coverage and capacity of cellular networks is steadily improving, the scheduled network roll-outs are not currently keeping pace with the demand for the true “Gigabit Train”.


Icomera TraXside

Introducing Icomera TraXside – a key component in delivering the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity for Rail operators, helping to provide continuous, high-capacity bandwidth to a train along the entirety of its route.

Icomera TraXside supports two simultaneous 3×3 MIMO radios. With the aggregated capacity of the two radios, the Icomera TraXside solution can deliver a train<->shore connection at over 1.4 Gbit/s (when train stationary at a station). Icomera TraXside has a median TCP/IP throughput of over 1 Gbit/s during train travel – unrivalled bandwidth for rail passengers and onboard systems.

Icomera’s modular, technologically-flexible approach allows its mobile Internet connectivity solutions to seamlessly integrate and aggregate the capacity of all available communication networks in parallel. 3G, LTE, LTE-A, Trackside and even satellite networks can all be utilised as part of a single solution.

Icomera empowers rail operators to take an iterative approach to trackside projects, as budgets or business requirements dictate – it’s never all or nothing.

  • Infill cellular “not-spots” overground or in subways and tunnels
  • Reduce mobile data costs along the busiest areas of the rail network
  • Seamless hand-over between Icomera TraXside and cellular networks

The extreme high performance of Icomera TraXside, especially the distance between base-stations, significantly reduces the CAPEX required to deliver the solution to underground or overground rail systems.


A Proven Track Record

Icomera TraXside is part of Icomera’s industry-leading X Platform for connected vehicles. Icomera delivers Internet connectivity for millions of passengers and thousands of vehicles every day. The X Platform includes Icomera’s remote central configuration, reporting and monitoring tools for robust and best-in-class asset management.


For more information about Icomera TraXside click here.


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