Innovation in Focus When French President and Swedish PM Visited Volvo Group

Martin Lundstedt hosted prominent guests on Friday 17 November when the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited Volvo Group Headquarters in Lundby in conjunction with an EU Summit in Gothenburg.

The VIP guests arrived quietly and emission-free to the Volvo Group in a Volvo 7900 Electric bus. President and CEO Martin Lundstedt presented several technological innovations in the Volvo Group Expo hall, where products were lined up both outside and inside the hall for the special occasion.

Three stations were prepared inside the hall to explain and showcase Volvo Group’s progress in the field of automation, electromobility and connectivity; the electric excavator EX2, Renault Trucks Urban Lab 2 and a battery pack used for the electric bus.

The President and the Prime Minister concluded the visit at Volvo Group and in Gothenburg by signing a Memorandum of understanding which marks a French-Swedish Partnership for development of innovation and green solutions in the field of transport and societies.

“Thank you for welcoming us here to the Volvo Group. We went with a short trip in the electric bus to come here to the Volvo headquarter and I think this bus is a good example of collaborations that delivers a lot of result. We have a challenge with green transformation and digital transformation and both areas can be accelerated with cooperation between our two countries,” said President Emmanuel Macron at the press conference in the Volvo Group Expo Hall.

On Thursday 16 November, the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, met Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses, to discuss electromobility during a demonstration drive with the Volvo 7900 Electric on the streets of Gothenburg. The discussion included the several benefits of electromobility, such as enabling emissions-free, noise-free and energy-efficient sustainable public transport. Charles Michel showed great appreciation and made a TV-broadcasted press conference onboard the bus.

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Article by
Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

28th November 2017