Nottingham City Transport Release Video to Promote Free Wi-Fi

Nottingham City Transport have released a promotional video in response to the increasing popularity of their Passenger Wi-Fi.

A trial period from September 2013 was followed by a full roll-out of free superfast 4G Wi-Fi on 100% of NCT services in September 2015. NCT write, “To say the trial was a success is somewhat of an understatement.”

In September 2015 the operator reported that there had been over 2 million individual Wi-Fi sessions on their buses. Usage has grown exponentially over the past 5 months, with over 120,000 different users clocking up over 3 million Wi-Fi sessions since the technology was introduced.



“We continually aim to provide the best public transport service in the city, and along with frequency, reliability, comfort and value-for-money, we knew that our passengers would value being able to use their mobiles and tablets while travelling. Our customers can now check their emails, their social media platforms or surf the web during their journey – and all for free without eating into their data! The service is incredibly popular and the positive feedback we’ve received has been really rewarding,” said NCT Marketing Manager, Anthony Carver-Smith.

The award-winning operator continues to increase passenger numbers year on year, which they credit to the popularity of free on-board Wi-Fi. They believe it to be a very wise investment.