Oxford Bus Users to Get Free Wi-Fi

Oxford’s two main bus operators, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach, will have installed Wi-Fi on virtually all buses within the Oxford Smart Zone by the end of November. It is hoped that the free service will encourage more travellers to pick public transport over cars and bikes.

Hugh Jaeger, chairman of the Oxford Bus Users group said: “I think this will be the next big shift to make buses that are much more attractive to people. I think it’s going to be massive.

“We are pushing an open door encouraging travellers of all ages, especially the younger generation, to travel more by bus and to treat the bus as their first preference.”

City Council leader Bob Price added: “The city council is building a world class city for its residents and for the nearly 10 million visitors that we receive each year.

“Wi-Fi access is a crucial element in providing information and guidance to visitors, as well as facilitating business and social communications.”

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