Porterbrook Unveils Class 144 Evolution

Porterbrook Leasing has unveiled a Class 144 diesel multiple-unit which has been refurbished to demonstrate how the interior of ex-British Rail Pacer vehicles could be upgraded to comply with modern accessibly standards and provide a more welcoming passenger environment.

The demonstrator incorporates a wide range of enhancements to show what is possible. The changes focus on the passenger interior, with the existing engine and drive train retained. According to Porterbrook, the basic structure of the Class 144 is fundamentally sound.

One upgrade option, an ethernet backbone, enables the introduction of ‘added-value’ systems including passenger Wi-Fi, full-colour LCD information and media screens, automated announcements and in-car and forward-facing CCTV. Icomera has supplied the passenger Wi-Fi for the demonstrator in partnership with UR Group, the suppliers of the ethernet backbone.

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