Applications can be deployed which maintain or improve schedule adherence, while reducing operational costs.

Providing a mobile Internet connection allows operators to remotely monitor and, when necessary, resolve issues fleet-wide; systems can be rebooted over-the-air, without the need for vehicles to return to the depot.

Fleet Management

Our in-vehicle routers have built-in GPS, allowing transport operators to keep track of vehicles to maintain and improve scheduled adherence. Passenger counting applications can utilise onboard streaming video surveillance systems and sensors, helping you to optimise vehicle availability and plan new timetables and routes. Operational costs associated with allocating and training staff to perform these tasks manually are reduced, while accuracy is increased.


We enable transport operators to remotely monitor and maintain components and devices connected to the onboard network via real-time data feeds. Faulty components can be identified while the vehicle is still out in service. Replacement parts can be ordered before the vehicle comes in for maintenance, ultimately reducing the time that the vehicle is out of action.


Eco-driving applications support environmentally-friendly transport habits, reducing the size of the carbon footprint created by operating and maintaining public transport vehicles. We work with leading eco-driving specialists to provide tangible performance gains. Fuel overconsumption can be measured through speed, brake, and idle information while factoring in variables such as vehicle type, surface, and weather. Data can be fed back to drivers in real-time, promoting efficient behaviour and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.