For many, a significant proportion of each day is spent travelling, and Internet connectivity on the move is no longer seen as a luxury.

Providing services such as Passenger Wi-Fi, Onboard Entertainment, and Real-Time Information can improve the experience of those travelling, increasing satisfaction levels and encouraging passengers to use public transport more often.

Passenger Wi‑Fi

Fast, reliable and secure, Icomera’s passenger Wi-Fi service has been installed on tens of thousands of vehicles across the globe, serving millions of passengers every week. The opportunity to stay connected and increase productivity while travelling is helping make public transport usage more attractive. Passengers can communicate with friends and family via social media, shop online, catch up with the latest news, or even learn a new language. Many travellers are also using their commute to work outside the confines of their office by sending emails or conducting research, or completing digital chores such as paying bills, renewing insurance policies, and searching for new properties or jobs.

Onboard Entertainment

Working together with its wholly owned subsidiary GoMedia, Icomera is leading the way in delivering successful onboard passenger services for operators, giving travellers access to movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and games. The media is stored locally on board the vehicle, helping improve the speed of access, while also easing the load on the available bandwidth, and reducing mobile data usage costs. Content is managed via cloud-based tools, allowing it to be easily updated across vehicles in a fleet, with a single click.

Real-time Information

Icomera’s real-time information (RTI) applications can connect passengers to useful travel information, either via in-vehicle displays or through mobile web portals. Our RTI solutions can utilise live data feeds to update passengers on their expected arrival time. Those planning to join the service at the next stop can track the progress of the vehicle via their smart device and make an informed decision about when they should leave their home or office.

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